6:30 am

Registration + Breakfast

8:00 am

Opening Remarks

8:13 am

Angular as strategy for collaboration and scale

8:47 am

Modern Testing Strategies for Reactive Applications

9:11 am

Contributing to the Angular Docs

9:31 am

Coffee Break

9:46 am

Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

10:10 am

Reactive Brain Waves

10:34 am

Talk with Dr. Michio Kaku

11:34 am

Lunch & Book Signing

12:34 pm

Post Lunch Remarks

12:42 pm

Message from Shai Reznik

12:48 pm

NativeScript and CodeSharing

1:12 pm

Breaking Down Reactive Forms

1:36 pm

JavaScript is the new metal: the cloud vs the browser

2:10 pm

NBA + Angular = Game Detail

2:34 pm

Logging, and Errors, and Metrics - Oh My!

2:54 pm


3:09 pm

Sponsor Talk - Progress

3:15 pm

Dissecting the architectural process for creating reusable Angular components

3:39 pm

Webpack - Your New BFF

4:03 pm

Faster Angular Applications

4:27 pm

Beyond the Angular CLI

4:51 pm

Angular's User Authentication Tool Belt

5:15 pm

PWA All The Things!

5:39 pm

The parable of the blender

6:03 pm

Day 1 Closing Remarks