Feburary 1-2. More Session Details Coming Soon

Deploying angular to the cloud

You’ve built your app, but can you deploy it to the cloud with confidence? If you paused, then this session is for you! We’ll use the Angular CLI, AOT, and other tools to optimize our apps and inspect them. We’ll deploy our apps directly to the cloud from our editor, and then learn how to use CI/CD. Learn how to run your apps locally and in the cloud with confidence! You’ll shout “it works on my machine and in the cloud”. The good news is there are tools to make this all within your reach.

Beyond the Angular CLI

The cat is out of the bag, people know about the Angular CLI and what it can do for them. But what is coming? What else can it do? What changes and improvements can I expect? Come learn what the Angular CLI can do and will evolve into.