Feburary 1-2. More Session Details Coming Soon

Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

Software may be built on machines, but it’s built by and for human beings. To be a highly effective software engineer, you must be able to navigate human interactions successfully. Emotional intelligence is the set of competencies that will allow you to do just that! Whether you’re discussing tradeoffs with your UX designer, convincing your team to adopt a new tool, or just reviewing someone’s code, interpersonal skills are essential. Emotional intelligence not only helps in our interactions with others; it also includes self-awareness, which allows us to motivate ourselves, manage stress, and avoid burnout. This talk will give you a better understanding of your own behavior, and it will also help you to cultivate empathy for the people on your team. You’ll learn a suite of practical tools that will empower you to prevent burnout, improve productivity, and tackle difficult conversations at work. You’ll leave inspired to apply these new skills to unlock your full potential as a developer and a human being!