Feburary 1-2. More Session Details Coming Soon

Logging, and Errors, and Metrics - Oh My!

As engineers, we build pretty cool Angular apps. Once users start using our cool apps… well, we run into the fun process of discovering errors. Keeping track of these issues can get messy, getting alerted is stressful, and measuring it can provide you with an overwhelming amount of information. So, how do we combine all these things to make our cool apps work even better than before? In this talk, we’ll dive into logging, errors, and metrics.

Machine Learning & Angular Testing w/ Dozn

Imagine the thousands, millions, and billions of possible actions a user can take on your Angular application. Now; multiply that by the number of framework updates, browser releases, and every other variable that has ever caused a “working feature” to have a user yelling at you. It’s a lot for one developer, or even a whole team, to keep track of. Join us as we dive deep into how we utilized Machine Learning principles to support E2E Testing in Angular & Ionic applications. A live demo, open source examples, and as many egg puns as you can handle. After all, there are a Dozn reasons you shouldn’t let your application break :)

End the Test Engineer role: how cross-functionality leads to a better engineering process

The role of QA, QE, or SDET is becoming less efficient in the fast-moving world of modern applications and continuous delivery. As manual testing was replaced by automated testing, software engineers specializing in testing obtained development skill sets. Being able to both develop and write tests concurrently for modern applications leads to improved engineering productivity and a team-wide commitment to quality. Angular in particular provides excellent tooling to make development and testing seamless. By eliminating specialized roles, developing applications can be fast and effective, because the team owns all aspects of the software development life cycle