Special Speaker

Mark Pieszak

Founder / DevHelp.Online

Mark Pieszak is the Founder & CTO of http://DevHelp.Online , and a member of the Angular Universal core team. He has a passion for all things front-end and open source. He's been working with and contributing to both Angular and AngularJS since their earliest releases.

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Jan 31, 2018

Angular Universal Server-Side Rendering

Mark Pieszak, from the Angular Universal core team, will go beyond just getting started with Angular Universal (server-side pre-rendering / platform-server), but we’ll take a deep-dive into how Universal works behind the scenes, and how to deal with the really tough issues universal applications face, and how we can overcome them. Let’s go beyond the basics: 

+  Nx workspaces & Angular Universal 

+ How to transfer State and NgRx application state 

+ Master the art of dependency injection 

+ Passing data to & from Node 

+ Dealing with third party (browser-only) libraries 

+ Tricky gotchas + Webpack bundle swapping / replacement tricks 

+ Cacheing and boosting SSR performance 

+ Optimizing SEO and Meta tags 

+ Best practices to avoid future issues

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