Special Speaker

Rachita Joshi

Rachita is a front-end developer with a deep interest in the front end architecture. With each talk, she wants to spread the message of doing it right the first time. She is a firm believer that time put into thinking about the architecture before writing code results in faster and more reliable code over time. From experience, she knows code written fast, but with no consideration for architecture is also buggy. :)


Dissecting the architectural process for creating reusable angular components

So you know the zappiest framework on earth now and cannot imagine going back to the old jQuery or Angular 1 days, but you still find yourself writing more code every time you have to implement a new feature. Other times you stumble into 3 different version of a slightly-different-yet-almost-similar-component. But you love angular, and you want to finish projects even faster or do more with less. 

If what I said above are your thoughts, you are ready for the next step. So take your angular knowledge to another level and learn the secrets of setting up scalable, maintainable, and performant front-end components. 

Some of the questions this session will cover:

1) How to create reusable components that are scalable across various applications and keep a tight control over consistency

2) What goes into architecting such components? What is the design philosophy behind such component architecture? 

I will also talk about the high-level thought process and overall considerations you have to keep in mind while architecting such components.

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