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Ryan Chenkie


Ryan is a full-stack JavaScript developer and works mostly with Angular and Node. He's a Google Developer Expert, Developer Advocate at Auth0, and also runs Angularcasts.io, a screencast site offering end-to-end Angular and JavaScript training. Ryan is the author of Securing Angular Applications, a complete guide on how to lock down Angular apps.


Angular's User Authentication Tool Belt

Your Angular app is nearly done and now you just need to add authentication before it goes out to the real world. Simple, right? Not always. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to authentication and authorization in general and it gets even worse for single page apps. Fortunately for us, Angular provides some great tools that help to make our lives easier when it comes to implementing auth. In this talk you’ll learn about Angular’s user authentication tool belt and how you can get started with it today. You’ll also come away knowing what JSON Web Tokens are and how they can be used alongside features baked into Angular to help you solve authentication and authorization in your apps.

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Jan 31, 2018

Painless Angular Authentication with Auth0

Authentication and authorization for Angular apps can be a real pain. Thankfully Auth0 makes it really easy. In this workshop, Ryan Chenkie will show you how to get an end-to-end authentication and authorization solution working in your Angular app with Auth0. You’ll come away with a production-ready auth implementation and a ton of knowledge about how Auth0 can be used to take you even further with authentication and authorization as your app grows.

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