Special Speaker

Shai Reznik


Shai is founder of HiRez.io - the funniest Angular video courses in the universe. An experienced developer, teacher, consultant, Google Developer Expert and worldwide speaker also known for his crazy ng-conf talks - “ng-wat”,“The ng-show”, “ng-rap” and more. Shai is also the organizer of the largest JavaScript group in Israel and a professional Improv performer.


ng-game-show - How well do you know Angular?

The craziest, funniest, most educating game show on the planet!

3 contestants will compete for fame and glory, but mainly for LEGIT prizes!

Test your knowledge and your cheekbones in this twice in a lifetime event 

Real testimonial: “I attended the ng-game-show. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much, it was SO good and SO funny and, most important: it was educational. Amazing job!!” — @AnaCidre_ 

Fake testimonial: "I enjoyed it, why do you write what I'm saying?" - Shai's Mom

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