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Simona Cotin


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State management with ngrx

Managing state in large applications is hard. Let's talk about how reactive programming is awesome and how it can help us with managing complexity, data and scaling our applications. After this session, stores, effects, reducers and actions will no longer be a mistery but rather a key tool in simplifying our application's state.

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Jan 31, 2018

Code and Deploy Angular to the Azure Cloud

Workshop: Getting started with Angular is now easier than ever ... said no one ever. Yet with the right toolset we too can create magic. When I code with Angular I can deploy to Azure within minutes. We'll go through a simple development to production workflow. First we code with a little help from the Angular CLI. Then we build for production - Webpack to the rescue. We then push our code to Github and deploy it on Node to Azure. Mission accomplished, application is now up in the cloud! We'll then learn how to create an API for our application in a serverless way and build a CICD pipeline in Azure. Finally, with the right tools for monitoring and alerting we'll stay on top of our application's health and performance. Content: Intro to Azure Build an Angular app and deploy it to Azure App Service Create your app's API using Azure Functions Add data to your app - CosmosDB Continuous integration Monitor and scale your application

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